If you step into our Flagship stores in Danville, NYC, or even our boutiques within our PAPYRUS stores, its no secret, we LOVE to layer! No matter the type of jewelry we think more is MORE! Layering delicates upon statements can create quite the look, something unique and unexpected. Take a classic white button down to an entirely new level  or your favorite LBD to WOW with multiple pieces. Here are a few of our favorite ways to layer our NIQUEA.D treasures…


Take your preferred base metal, whether that be gold or silver, start with a long tassel necklace or longer statement pendant, add in a second pendant, then finish with a delicate accent! The more the merrier especially since you are utilizing one tone, you can really stack up on the glamour.


Don’t be afraid of color! Take turquoise, add in a splash of red and deep emerald or purple hues and you have a gorgeous combo. We love to take a really bright statement necklace and add in brightly colored strands, keeping some long, and some doubled up. This really creates an accent to a solid colored blouse that has the ability to transform your entire look.  For example, wear a classic white button down to work, then throw on 2-3 necklaces to go out for happy hour!


Necklaces aren’t the only thing to double (or triple!) up on! Grab those bracelets and create some arm candy! Whether you match some leather cuffs with multiple strand neutral bracelets, or brightly colored bangles, you can never go wrong with some stunning accents on your wrists!


The more the better! There is NO rule that says you can only wear one cocktail ring! Why not show off all those beauties! Be sure to keep them in the same color scheme or even better a neutral palette. If you plan to wear multiple statement rings, keep the bracelets to a minimum but how gorgeous do those rings look holding a glass of champagne?

No matter how you like to layer, HAVE FUN with it! Shop all of these lovely pieces and more on NIQUEAD.com or in your local boutique and layer it up!