Recently we had the amazing opportunity to sit down with our NIQUEA.D Muse, Imaj and catch up on some of the latest news and successes that have come her way recently!  Imaj has quickly become part of the NIQUEA.D Family and we are so honored she spent some time chatting with us!  Enjoy!
NIQUEA.D: You were the first NIQUEA.D Muse elected by our Facebook Fan base! Congratulations! What was going through your mind when the voting polls were winding down to a close?
IMAJ: “How ironic!” I’ve been a great admirer of Papyrus-NIQUEA.D since the very beginning and I thought of how surreal and ironic it would be if I became the Muse of that which I’ve adored for so long.
NIQUEA.D: We had many voters and supporters on your behalf from the great state of Texas! You are even known there as Texas’ “Country Darling”! Can you tell us a little bit about what you do?
IMAJ: I’m a Country singer-songwriter living in the great state of Texas, who is incredibly thankful for the southern hospitality and love I feel from my Texans as well as from my lovely fans worldwide. You all are my heart!
NIQUEA.D: NIQUEA.D celebrated their NYC grand opening with you. You serenaded the guests, photographers, and media that were present at the new store in the historic Meatpacking District. The crowd LOVED you! What was that experience like?
IMAJ: Dazzling is the first word that comes to mind. The flagship boutique in NYC takes you into another world — a world that I can only describe with names rather than adjectives: Audrey, Marilyn, Coco. I felt as though I was in the golden age of Hollywood. Everyone in NIQUEA.D was so accommodating and kind and all who gathered for the grand opening shared a love for timeless beauty. My time in NYC representing NIQUEA.D was more than I could’ve imagined and one of my favorite memories of 2013.
NIQUEA.D: We’re dying to know!- did you get any NIQUEA.D jewelry on your trips to the Flagship Boutiques?
IMAJ: Absolutely! How can one visit without leaving with something in one of those charming blue boxes? First of all, the boutiques are so gorgeous that you can’t help but stare in awe at everything. Then there are the petite macaroons and the sparkling drinks to make you feel at home (if you lived in a beautiful Parisian apartment, that is!) It’s a very romantic experience, shopping at NIQUEA.D. Everyone was so incredibly helpful that I was able to pick out something, not only for myself, but more importantly, something that brought a smile to those closest to me including my mother and my dearest friends from Grace Hospice. I plan on wearing some of my own pieces on stage as well. I call them my “Lady Gaga” pieces. But you know, one visit to NIQUEA.D is never enough. You always leave wanting to come back; for the ambience, the jewels and the hugs! I shall return soon!
NIQUEA.D: You are abviously a very talented and accomplished, bright, young woman. You serve as a role model to many young mademoiselles. What advice do you have to share to young women?
IMAJ: Thank you so much. My fundamental understanding of being a role model is that it’s not about me. All I can do is point others back to themselves, the essence of which, I believe, is Love. As you walk through this wild and wonderful thing we call life, remember to ask yourself, “What would love do now?” Let your True Self (Love) be your guide, and you’ll see the beauty that unfolds in your life and environment.
NIQUEA.D: What plans do you have for the near future? Personal/career goals you’d like to share?
IMAJ: I would love to share…but they are surprises that are coming soon and will be announced on! Join me and my lovely Facebook family by “liking” and all will be revealed soon!
NIQUEA.D: You are running a “Keep The Dream Alive” campaign. Would you mind sharing with us what that is about?
IMAJ: Keep The Dream Alive is a crowdfunding campaign that we’re running to support my 2014 radio tour, the launch of my newest single and more. Everyone who contributes gets perks with their contribution including what’s called a Weekly VIP Show where I serenade you every Thursday with a new classic Country song from “Backstage in My Green Room.” NIQUEA.D, of course, is a staple of my green room and makes cameos every week. You can learn more and become a part of keeping the dream alive here: