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Here on the blog, we focus so much on our beautiful NIQUEA.D clientele who adore and cherish the treasures we have to offer.  However, we think it’s time we give a shout out to our equally fabulous NIQUEA.D Kids!  We love our adorable, energetic, and enthusiastic NIQUEA.D Enfants and we are proud to offer some fun products just for them!  Above you will see a small selection of super cute items our boutiques have to offer.  From little Froggy Backpacks, to Insect Hotels, to cuddly one-of-a-kind plush toys – your NIQUEA.D Enfant will not be disappointed!

Stay tuned on the blog for more exciting NIQUEA.D Enfants contests and posts!  You can find all of these fantastic kids products and plenty more on our website here!