We are thrilled to begin a new ongoing segment featuring what every fabulous fashionista needs to include in her Treasure Box! There are so many essentials that create for a full, and complete jewelry and accessories wardrobe and we can’t wait to share with you our tips and tricks for amassing the perfect collection – unique and wonderful for each and every occasion.

This week we are focusing on Statement Necklaces.  These are called “statements” for a reason!  Every woman should have a perfect go-to statement necklace – one that can be both dressed up as a show-stopper on an evening out, as well as paired with a jeans and chic tee for that casual glam look we all love.


From the Heritage Collection by Alexis Bitar’s chunky lucite links, to the Estate Collection pieces by Elva Fields, there are endless options. The best way to know what piece is for you is by trying on several styles. Luis Quiroz, Stylist of San Francisco says “You’ll know which is ‘the one’ right away. It’s a feeling you have more than a look we as Stylists see. That feeling translates into your confidence and the way you will carry yourself.”