Here at NIQUEA.D, we are enamored by unique juxtapositions.  We love the idea of unexpected pairings, eclectic combinations, and thought provoking looks.  With this current transitional time of year from Summer into Fall, we have been seeing (and participating ourselves) in a very Edgy yet Romantic look!  We utilized this idea in our recent Fall photo shoot and we just can’t get enough!

1.  This is a fabulous example of taking bracelet layering to the extreme!  The combination of the bold statement rings with the delicate pearl bracelets creates such a unique look! (source here)

2.  A french manicure is so timeless and classic. This is a bold, but still elegant way to amp up a typical manicure! The deep color mixed with the beautiful metallic and crystals is a very interesting juxtaposition. (source here)

3. This pairing of the pale, blush pink with the black accessories is unexpected but very modern and beautiful.  The flowy and romantic chiffon joined with the array of bangles and accessories is just too cool. (source here)

4. What a gorgeous photo!  The delicate ballerina inspired dress, with the bold hairstyle and intense tattoo is just beyond awesome! We love this take on classic beauty, so modern and chic! (source here)

5.  It’s no secret that we LOVE bows in any facet and this is one of our favorites!  The adorable bows with the edgy black crystals creates such a fantastic piece! (source here)